Texas & BBQ

Both my Dad’s family and my Mom’s family settled into Texas in the late 1800’s. My grandparents and my parents were all born in Texas as was I, so that makes me a third generation Texan. I was raised in Coleman county and my Dad was known around there for his BBQ. Although he never had a restaurant, he cooked for many of the social events in that area and became rather good at it. So my love for Texas and BBQ is inherited. I enjoy traveling around the state and eating at different BBQ joints and visiting with the owners and pit-masters.

Texas and BBQ. ……. it’s what I do.


Forney is my home and has been for many years. I have watched it grow from around 2500 residents to over 20,000 within the city limits. However, the “community” of Forney is not just the residents within the city. It is comprised of numerous neighborhoods in the outlying areas which increases the “community” population to over 40,000!

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Being in the food industry, I have a certain respect for the craft of cooking and preparing food. Cyndi and I enjoy dining at different restaurants. We have our favorites, and we like trying new ones. For me it is not just about the food, but the people behind the food. I like the stories about how the restaurant started and the folks involved.


Over the years I have seen Forney experience growth issues. There have been many disagreements along the way as to the direction our town should go, but at the end of the day both sides were respectful to each other. However I feel this is not the case today. The past few years I have noticed a decline in how people are treated just because they are on a different side of an issue. Election time is the worst. During an election cycle I was chided by a community leader that I needed to “check the facts man”. Trouble was, I had and he had not.

So given that, I have decided that I will make sure to “check the facts” any way I can. And I want to share those facts with you so you can use them to come to your own educated conclusions. This is not a “take no prisoners” effort. My intent is not to be combative or or to call any one out. But be forewarned. Should anyone choose to make statements of fact about issues concerning our city, I will “check your facts“.